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Notions of minimality and rank in dependent theories

June 10-13, 2012

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

This is a satellite workshop to the 15th Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic (SLALM XV) in Bogotá, Colombia, June 4-8. It is open to all who are interested in the topic.

Dependent theories (also known as NIP theories) have experienced a surge of interest among researchers in model theory over the past few years. The goal of this workshop is to have an informal gathering to share ideas around Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) dimension, VC density, dp-rank, and definability of types in NIP theories.

Workshop location:

Villa de Leyva is a small colonial town a little more than two hours to the north of Bogotá by car. We will take care of the hotel arrangements and hire a bus leaving from Bogotá on the morning of the 10th. For those of you who may want to leave earlier, it will be possible to return to Bogotá by bus on the evening of the 12th.

All talks will take place at the conference hotel, Hotel Mesón de los Virreyes, Carrera 9 No. 14-51, Calle Caliente, Villa de Leyva, COLOMBIA.

Conference organizers:

Alexander Berenstein, John Goodrick, and Alf Onshuus (all from the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá).

Photo of the conference participants

Slides of David Lippel's talk

List of open questions we generated

To confirm your participation or for more information, please contact John Goodrick at jr.goodrick427 (AT)
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