Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics
Universidad de los Andes
Carrera 1 No. 18A 10111711 Bogotá, Colombia

Office: H-302
Phone: +57-1-3394949 Ext.5214
Email address: m.martinez (at uniandes dot edu dot co)

Research Area: Applied logic.

I am particularly interested in how logical tools can aid in two areas: the study of reasoning from a cognitive point of view and the study of semantic information content.

Curriculum Vitae: available in English and Spanish.

Teaching Second Semester 2015:

  • Matemática Estructural


Articles, book chapters, conference papers

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  • Martinez, M. (2003). Towards a Model of Heterogeneous Commonsense Reasoning, Matemática Contemporánea, 24, 141-168. Special issue with selected extended papers from the 8th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation -WoLLIC'2001.
  • Martinez, M. (2001). Some Closure Properties of Finite Definitions. Studia Logica, 68, 43-68.


  • Martinez, M. (2004). Commonsense Reasoning via Product State Spaces (Doctoral dissertation). Available from: Dissertation Express database. (UMI No. 3141609)
  • Martinez, M. (1997). Algebraic and Topological Structure of the Space of Products (unpublished master thesis). Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
  • Martinez, M. (1995). Encadenamiento hacia atrás en la red RETE (unpublished undergraduate thesis).Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.

Abstracts in refereed conferences:

  • Guhe, M., Pease, M., Smaill, A., Martinez, M., Schmidt, M., Gust, H., Kühnberger K-U., & Krumnack U. (2010). Conceptual Blending of Fractions and Real Numbers in Mathematical Discovery. In J. Haack & H. Wiese (eds), Proceedings of KogWis 2010, the 10th Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science, 109-110. Universiättsverlag Potsdam.

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