Aim of Workshop

The International & Interdisciplinary Workshop on Mathematical Modeling, Ecology, Evolution and Dynamics of Dengue and Related Diseases (IIWEE) will focus the following topics:

-Epidemiological mathematical modeling.
-Ecology and evolution of infectious or vector borne diseases.
-Dynamics of dengue and vector born diseases.
-Dynamics of tropical neglected diseases.

The first IIWEE took place in Arizona State University in Tempe AZ, in August 2014. This second IIWEE will be held in Villa de Leyva, Colombia from August 31 through September 4, 2015.

Two introductory short courses on the mathematical modeling of the dynamics of infectious diseases will be offered during the workshop.

The hosting institution is the Universidad de los Andes, which has organized a multitude of mathematical events in Villa de Leyva in the past. Villa de Leyva is a small town in the department of Boyaca, north-east of Bogota, a 4-hour drive away. Villa de Leyva has the facilities and environment needed for networking, exchange of ideas. It provides the kind of space that facilitates the type of brainstorming activities that we expect to lead to future research collaborative efforts.

Organized by:

  • Universidad de los Andes - Colombia.

  • Grupo de Modelos y Métodos Matemáticos para el Control y Vigilancia del Dengue - Programa Nacional de Ciencias Básicas. Convocatoria 569 de Colciencias.

Villa de Leyva, Boyaca - Colombia.