Darío Alejandro García

(this webpage is also available in [spanish])

Graduate Student
Departament of Mathematics
Universidad de los Andes


I am a fifth year mathematics Ph.D student, working under the supervision of Alf Onshuus (uniandes) and Thomas Scanlon (UC Berkeley)


My curriculum vitae is available in [English] or [Spanish].

Currently I am a Visiting Student Researcher at the math department in UC Berkeley, attending the program Model Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory at [MSRI].


My main research area is Model Theory, particularly the relation between forking and thorn-forking and the study ultraproducts of finite structures towards (potential) applications in combinatorics.


These are some courses that I have taught at Universidad de los Andes:

2010-10 Matemática Estructural(with Professor Alexander Berenstein)
2010-20 Cálculo Diferencial(with Professor Bernardo Uribe)
2011-10 Cálculo 3 para Economía y Administración(with Prof. Jean Carlos Cortissoz)
2011-20 Ecuaciones Diferenciales(with Professor Andrei Giniatoulline)
2011-20 Matemáticas 2 para Biología y Medicina (with Prof. Alexander Berenstein)
2013-10 álgebra Lineal(with Professor Tristram Bogart)
2013-10 Cálculo Vectorial(with Professor Andrés ángel)
2013-20 Cálculo Integral(with Professor Ahmed Ould)